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New Year
Better You

Let us create a  fitness and nutrition routine you'll keep for life!


New Year Better You
6-week Reboot

Looking for a long-term solution to being healthy and fit? VICE is here to help you rewire your brain & body with our New Years Reboot. Each person will complete the on-boarding process to create an individualized fitness and nutrition plan. This 6-week program includes:

  • Individualized fitness and nutrition plan created specific to the goals and needs of the individual

  • Access to our in-person training 6 days a week

  • Access to our fitness app to help you keep track of your milestones along with your fitness and nutrition plan. 

We will train your brain and body by boosting your metabolism safely so you can sustain your healthy routine for the long-run!


Youth Athlete Training Program

6-week Boost

Youth Program

This program is for athletes new to strength training and conditioning who want to learn the fundamentals to take their game to the next level. The program includes:

  • Lifting fundamentals

  • Introduction to plyometrics 

  • Building speed course


College Prep Program 

This program is for athletes who are looking for a strength and conditioning program that mirrors a college program. This program is for ages 14-18 years old with weightlifting training. The program includes:

  • Individualized fitness and nutrition plan

  • Drop-in small group training

  • Goal planning through our VICE app.


Let us help you build a healthier

You are only 6 weeks away from a better you for life this new year!

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