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We create health solutions for busy lives and families.

At Vice, we focus on individualizing training within a group setting.  We do that though expert coaching, setting goals and measuring progress. 

We've created an accountable community to help you live healthy, strong and injury free.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the premier training facility in the PNW.

Through expert coaching, personalized plans and a welcoming facility, we offer a community with a no nonsense and pragmatic approach to movement, training, and mobility.  

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our mindset

We have two sayings around the facility:

1.) Trust the process

2.) The tortoise wins the race

Life is not a straight line, and disruptions inevitably happen.  It is critical to have a positive attitude and growth mindset.  Results happen when you believe you are capable and get back to your plan.  It sounds simple, and it's extremely challenging.  This is what we do.  We help you to create a plan, be held accountable, stay focused on your goals. 


Let's achieve big things together with our amazing community, passionate coaching and a truly unique facility. 

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Our Philosophy

There are many reasons to join Vice. High on that list is our training philosophy.  We believe our small group training program, Vice DRIVE, is unlike any other program.  It is simple.  It is not rigidly dogmatic. It is flexible.  It is not repetitive and avoids the risk overuse or boredom.  If you have an ankle injury, we will work around it.  If you have a tight shoulder, we will help you mobilize and strengthen it.  

Not every day is created the same, and not every body feels the same even day to day.  We work to optimize your body, your training, your results.  Our Philosophy is one of coaching you to understand your body.  Know when to step on the gas pedal, know when to back off.  The bootcamp groups of high intensity and high cardio are not in our playbook.  It is a clear focus on getting better every single day, focusing on specific lifts that will benefit every single person, and implementing a strategy that we can always problem solve and progress at the same time.  

Now, let's be clear.  We will squat. We will Hang Clean.  We will Lunge.  We will push and pull.  We use the latest research to build challenging and effective programs.  But, we will take our time and progress through the right intensity, mechanics, and weight.  Every time you come to the facility, you will feel confident and empowered knowing you've taken another step towards your goals. 



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