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This is Abadi. I believe in simplicity in everything I do, inside and outside the gym. Life is much more fun that way! 

Grew up in a big soccer family, my father used to play professionally. And yes, it is still my main sport. Started lifting weights at the age of 16 with my soccer teammates. During my college years, I helped many of my friends reach their fitness goals which is how I started my coaching career. Because I love being around people who put in the hard work and as a coach, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing some type of progression in a person who relies on your coaching advice. And by the way, Halla means "hello" in Arabic.






Seattle Pacific University 

Bs in Mechanical Engineering. Worked for two years at the International Students Office as an events planner, where I learned how to build a welcoming and good atmosphere for the community.

2022 - 2023

International Sports Science Association

Certified personal trainer.

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