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Vice athletics

Lift Weights . Feel Good . Live Strong


Experience the exhilaration of lifting weights, the joy of feeling blithe, and the empowerment to live strong. Join our vibrant community today and let's live strong together!

Get Started Today

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Check out the section that best matches your needs and discover how we can guide you on your journey to success.



At Vice Athletics, we recognize the individuality of each person's body. Following consultation, we craft a customized workout plan that suits your goals and abilities. 


We provide detailed nutrition plans accessible via our training app, aiming to cultivate a sustainable, healthy lifestyle inside and outside the gym.

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Our programs offer three to four months of thorough training to achieve your fitness goals. Emphasizing proper technique, we aim to prevent injury and enhance strength, agility, and flexibility. Trust the process!

What people are Saying

Tim Mitchell

About a year ago, I decided to get serious about strength, weight, mobility, and sport-specific fitness (skiing and mountain biking) and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to get after it.

Shekhar Mittal

If you are in Magnolia/Queen Anne/Ballard area and are looking for an intense gym that does not use shame based motivation - just come to Vice.

Karen Carlson

Joe and his team are exceptional at what they do. Our teenage son has been training with them since October. He loves his work outs and can’t wait to go back for more. Thanks to the great team at Vice!

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