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I grew up in NJ about 10 miles from NYC, where I competed in a combat style of Karate and played football, basketball and baseball through high school. I had the opportunity to play Quarterback and Pitcher for a University in NJ until a bad knee injury and multiple operations ended my playing career. I began boxing at the club of 1976 Olympic Gold Medal winner Howard Davis Jr. and was coached by a Trainer who had a professional Commonwealth Champion. I was fortunate to be able to learn and train alongside him and several Golden Gloves champs as well as National Finalists. Finding a purpose again through boxing and exercise, I began working as a Trainer in NYC. After a hand injury and severe ankle injury that led to more operations, I moved to Seattle. In total I’ve had 15 operations and understand the challenges faced by student-athletes and those struggling to stay on track during their fitness journey. I’ve coached football, basketball and baseball in the area for several years including HS football at a local school. I’ve dedicated myself to being the best coach and mentor possible while working towards Strength & Conditioning and Performance Enhancement certifications. I put my heart into coaching and truly believe the Muhammad Ali quote,


“Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth.”

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