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College Prep

The Vice College Prep program consists of:

  • A specific plan built for your experience, season and sport. ​

  • Access to our Vice SOLO Training App.

  • In-season, off-season, every season training.

  • Access during all open hours. My house is your house.

  • Upgrade to add personals to your monthly training, highly recommended!


vice rookies

  • Foundational Training

  • Daily Options for Training 

  • Jump, Sprint, Cut, Balance, Core

  • Requirement for ALL sports


Team Training

Prepare your team for the rigors of the season, and set them up for long term success.  This is NOT a condiioning bootcamp program. This is collegiate-based training program that your athletes will need for the rest of the their careers and lives. ​

The Vice Team program consists of:

  • Performance Coaching complimentary to Club/Team Training.

  • Individual consult, goal setting, accountability.

  • Home/Travel Plan via Vice Training App.

  • Performance Testing/Tracking, i.e. vertical, broad, 10yd, etc.

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