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Youth Plans

Our youth program is designed to not only improve athletic performance, but also to instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We believe that by teaching young athletes the importance of commitment, hard work, and dedication, we can help them achieve success both on and off the field.

Our Vice Youth Program has four distinct training foundations:



Neuromuscular Training

Our focus on repeatable patterns sets the standard for maintaining and implementing proper form and technique. This approach allows for a more seamless translation to the field, ensuring optimal performance. The focus is on the quality of movement the athletes make, instead of the quantity of the reps in a set.



We evaluate the strength of our athletes using a range of tests. These tests are tailored to the specific sport that the athletes plays, and help us identify area in which they can improve their performance metrics. By conducting sport-specific testing, we are able to provide athletes with targeted feedback and support to help them excel in their chosen sport.



Our training programs are customized based on the age and maturity of our athletes. With our older, more experienced athletes, we focus on higher intensity training that includes strength training, plyometrics, and unilateral exercises. With our younger, less experienced athletes, we focus on developing healthy habits, techniques, and endurance.



Our training program not only focuses on the fundamentals, but also aims to keep our athletes healthy and strong in the long run. It's common for us to work with athletes who are recovering from injuries, but we're taking steps to change that. By emphasizing strength training and promoting consistency and progress, we can improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injuries. 

Let's start the process!

If your athlete is new to strength and conditioning, we highly recommend one-on-one training. If your athlete has experienced in group training, you can start enrolling them in the Youth program.


sport specific solo

Our program is designed with the athlete in mind, focusing on one individual at a time. It's highly customizable, allowing athletes to train at their own pace. The program is based on experience and motivational levels. If you're new to performance training, we suggest participating in our Youth Athletics Program to establish a foundation before moving on to SOLO. As we gain knowledge, confidence, and momentum, SOLO will be a perfect fit.

Our program includes a 30-minute monthly check-in for testing and measurements, as well as a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that is effective for any developing athlete, in any season.

The Vice Youth SOLO program consists of:

1.) Access to the gym during all open hours.

2.) A one on one consultation, program design and build, as well as access to our exclusive Vice Athletics training app.

3.) We will build a specific program tailored to your experience, background, season, injury rehab and training schedule.

4.) SOLO is often used in combination with personal training sessions to ensure maximum effectiveness, motivation, accountability and form.


Team Training

Vice Athletics provides custom training for teams looking to provide the highest quality training for their athletes. Vice Athletics has worked with teams and organizations that want to provide structured training that exposes athletes to the strength and condition they will receive at the higher levels. 

The Vice Team program consists of:

1.) Access to an instructor during a specific time that works within the team's practice schedule.

2.) Athlete's access to the gym during all open hours.

3.) Individual consultation with each athlete,

4.) Programs designed and build for individuals specific to individuals' experiences, backgrounds, season, and training schedule.


5.) Access to the Vice Athletics training app.

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