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Our Vice Twitch Program has four distinct training foundations:
1.) Neuromuscular Training.  We set the foundational standard for maintaining and implementing proper form and technique.  If we focus on repeatable patterns, it more readily translates to the field.

2.) Age Specific.  We are operating our programs base don age and maturity.  With our older more experienced athlete, our training programs are higher intensity and incorporate strength training as well as plyometric and unilateral focus.

3.) Testing and Measurements.  Just like the old college textbooks, we will test and measure strength variables within our athletic population, mostly based on the sport played.  If you have questions about our testing, please reach out and I'll talk all day about it's importance and what we look for.

4.) Long Term. The emphasis for our training is to teach the fundamentals, but also to ensure our athletes are strong, powerful and injury feee for the long term.  So often, we are managing athletes who are coming from their physical therapist.  We are aiming to change this dynamic, by incorporating strength first and promoting consistency and progress, we improve performance variable and reduce the chance for injury.  

If your athletes between the ages of 10-16 would like to start the process, we highly encourage a one on one intro session.  You can book that through this link, OR, if you are ready to get started today, click the "start now" button below and we look forward to getting started with your athlete.


sport specific solo

The Vice Youth SOLO Program consists of:

1.) Access to the gym during all open hours.

2.) A one on one consultation, program design and build, as well as access to our exclusive Vice Athletics training app.

3.) We will build a specific program tailored to your experience, background, season, injury rehab and training schedule.

4.) SOLO is often used in combination with personal training sessions to ensure maximum effectiveness, motivation, accountability and form.


This program is built for the athlete.  One at a time. it is highly flexible, adaptable, and it gives our athletes the option to train on their own time.  This program is based on experience and motivational levels.  If you are new to performance training, we recommend going through the Youth Athletics Program to build your base, and then venture off into SOLO as we gain knowledge, confidence and momentum. Included in this program is a 30 minute end of the month check-in, testing and measurements and a consistent and effective strength and conditioning program for any developing athlete and any season.

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Or, send us your contact info, and we will reach out to you!  

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